Sorehand -- email list for discussion of repetitive strain injuries

Subscribing to Sorehand

To subscribe, go to and click on "Apply for membership" (or "Subscribe to this group"; the link has a different name depending upon whether you're signed into a Google account or not).

Signing off (Unsubscribing) from Sorehand

Send a (blank) email to (at bottom of every post to Sorehand). (Signing off from Sorehand removes your email address from the list of addresses that receive each email that gets sent to Sorehand.)

Archives of Sorehand

Sorehand posts from year 1999 onward are now readable and searchable by the members of a read-only, Web-only, Google Group called It's a Google Group, but it doesn't send out emails (unlike, say,
To see the archive, you need a (free) Google account, and you need to join the ShArchive group. If you do not already have a Google account, you can create one here. (Note that the account creation dialog defaults to having you create a new Gmail account, but you can click on "I prefer to use my current email address" if that is what you want to do.) Once you are logged into your Google account, you can request to join the ShArchive Google Group in one of these two ways: Note: The archive as it stands now is static; for posts after April 5 2016 you will (temporarily) need to use your Google account to join and read the more recent archive maintained at . SORRY -- FURTHER DELAY: Some further software development will make ShArchive keep itself current with new posts -- but that work will not begin until summer and fall biking season 2018 is over. Expect that always-updated ShArchive to arrive before May 2019.